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Corporate Affairs Australia

Insight. Experience. Outcomes.

Community and Indigenous Engagement

Find the win-win for you and your communities.

Approvals and Government Relations

Build productive relationships with governments at all levels.


Tell your own story.

Community and Indigenous Engagement

Ensuring a positive relationship with your community is critical to success.

Corporate Affairs Australia will work with you to deliver your business strategy while meeting community aspirations. We are members of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) and work according to their principles.

  • Baseline research
  • Strategy development
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • End-to-end community and Indigenous engagement support
Group of young people planting trees, as a community relations exercise.

Approvals & Government Relations

Corporate Affairs Australia are expert in regulatory approvals and can help build a narrative that resonates with government stakeholders. We will work with you to build productive relationships with local, state and federal governments.

CAA is set apart by our deep understanding of how best to navigate regulatory processes across Australia, and our decades of experience in project delivery.

  • End-to-end approval coordination and support
  • Lobbying (Registered Lobbyist)
  • Strategic Advice

Strategic Communications

Good relationships with governments and your community are critical for your success, but it can’t always be assumed that your stakeholders will hear your story. At times the people talking about you will have the loudest voices, which can harm your reputation.

Corporate Affairs Australia can help you craft your narrative, engage with media, and build your social media presence to ensure that your stakeholders hear the right story.

  • Media strategy
  • Media engagement
  • Internal communications
  • Content writing
  • Design and production
  • Social Media strategy and implementation
Microphones being held up to someone at a press conference as an example of a communications challenge.